CAIC: Colorado Avalanche Information Center

2016/12/23 - Wyoming - East of Grand Targee Resort

Published 2016/12/30 by Spencer Logan - Forecaster, CAIC

Avalanche Details

  • Location: East of Grand Targee Resort
  • State: Wyoming
  • Date: 2016/12/23
  • Time: Unknown
  • Summary Description: 1 sidecountry rider caught, buried and killed
  • Primary Activity: Sidecountry Rider
  • Primary Travel Mode: Foot


  • Caught: 0
  • Fully Buried: 1
  • Injured: 0
  • Killed: 1


  • Type: C
  • Trigger: AF - Foot penetration
  • Trigger (subcode): --
  • Size - Relative to Path: R2
  • Size - Destructive Force: D2.5
  • Sliding Surface: --


  • Slope Aspect: N
  • Site Elevation: 9747 ft
  • Slope Angle: 45 °
  • Slope Characteristic: Ridgeline,Cornice

Accident Summary

PRELIMINARY: A snowboarder went missing in the afternoon on 12/23. His body was located and recovered six days later on 12/29. It appears he was walking on a cornice when it failed. That triggered an avalanche in unskiable terrain below. He was swept over a very large cliff and buried by avalanche debris in an area known as Beards Wheat Field. He was found by an avalanche search dog after avalanche hazard work with explosives was conducted by search personnel.

Report from the Bridger Teton Avalanche Center