Forecast Zones

The 10 Forecasts Zones each fall within a larger geographic area (Northern, Central, or Southern Mountains). The zone boundaries are not rigid demarcations. If you are visiting an area along the zone boundaries, please check both forecasts. Below is a list of prominent areas within each zone.


Northern Mountains


From the Wyoming border south through the northern Gore Range to CO 134, Rabbit Ears Range west through the Flat Tops Range

  • Hahns Peak
  • Steamboat Lake
  • Mount Zirkel Wilderness
  • Park Range
  • Buffalo Pass
  • Rabbit Ears Range
  • Rabbit Ears Pass
  • Gore Range north of CO 134
  • Sarvis Creek Wilderness
  • Flat Tops Wilderness

Front Range

The Front Range, from the Wyoming border south, west to Loveland Pass, including Pikes Peak area

  • Rawah Wilderness
  • Never Summer Mountains/Willow Creek Pass
  • Cameron Pass
  • Medicine Bow Mountains
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Grand Lake
  • Indian Peaks Wilderness
  • Rollins Pass
  • Winter Park
  • Berthoud Pass
  • Jones Pass
  • Greys and Torreys
  • Guanella Pass
  • Loveland Pass-Northside
  • Mount Evans
  • Pikes Peak

Vail Summit

From Vail/Highway 24 east to Loveland Pass, Gore Range, south to Hoosier Pass

  • Loveland Pass-Southside
  • Gore Range/Williams Fork Mountains
  • 10-mile Range
  • Hoosier Pass
  • Vail Pass
  • Vail Chutes
  • Fremont Pass
  • Boreas Pass
  • Sawatch and Mosquito Ranges
  • Mosquito Range
  • Sawatch Range
  • Mt. Massive Wilderness
  • Independence Pass-Eastside
  • Cottonwood Pass
  • Collegiate Peaks Wilderness
  • Monarch Pass
  • Tincup Pass
  • Poncha Pass

Central Mountains


From Tennessee and Freemont Passes south to Monarch and North Passes.


The northern Elk Range and Aspen Area

  • Huntsman Ridge
  • Holy Cross Wilderness
  • Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness
  • Ashcroft
  • Marble
  • McClure Pass
  • Elk Mountains – North of Pearl Pass
  • Independence Pass Westside


The southern Elk Range east to the Sawatch

  • Raggeds Wilderness
  • Kebler Pass
  • Elk Mountains South of Pearl Pass
  • West Elk Wilderness
  • Gothic
  • Ruby Range
  • Taylor Reservoir

Grand Mesa

Encompasses Grand Mesa

Southern Mountains

North San Juan

The San Juan Mountains north of Coal Bank Pass

  • Lake City
  • Creede
  • Slumgullion
  • Sneffels Range
  • Uncompahgre Wilderness
  • Red Mountain Pass
  • Cement Creek
  • Molas Pass
  • Coal Bank Pass
  • La Garita Wilderness
  • Lone Cone
  • Lizard Head Pass

South San Juan

The San Juan Mountains south of Coal Bank Pass

  • La Platas
  • South San Juan Wilderness
  • Wemuniche Wilderness
  • Wolf Creek Pass

Sangre de Christo

Sangre de Christo Range, from Salida south