CAIC: Colorado Avalanche Information Center

2013/01/13 - Colorado - Raspberry Creek, near Marble

Published 2013/01/15 by Scott Toepfer & Brian McCall - Forecaster, CAIC

Avalanche Details

  • Location: Raspberry Creek, near Marble
  • State: Colorado
  • Date: 2013/01/13
  • Time: 12:00 AM
  • Summary Description: 1 skier caught and killed
  • Primary Activity: Backcountry Tourer
  • Primary Travel Mode: Ski


  • Caught: 0
  • Fully Buried: 1
  • Injured: 0
  • Killed: 1


  • Type: SS
  • Trigger: AS - Skier
  • Trigger (subcode): u - An unintentional release
  • Size - Relative to Path: R2
  • Size - Destructive Force: D2
  • Sliding Surface: G - At Ground/Ice/Firm


  • Slope Aspect: NW
  • Site Elevation: 10600 ft
  • Slope Angle: --
  • Slope Characteristic: Planar Slope

Accident Summary

Colorado's second avalanche fatality of the season occurred on January 13, 2013 in an area south of the town of Marble. The avalanche happened in the Raspberry Creek drainage which is part of the Raggeds Wilderness area.  Four backcountry skiers were descending steep westerly aspect terrain off the Marble Peak Ridge Sunday afternoon. The fourth skier triggered a soft slab and was buried and killed in the resulting slab avalanche. We will post more information when it is available. Our thoughts go out to friends and family of the victim.