Hot Dog Bowl, east of Cameron Pass
December 2, 2007

One snowboarder caught, fully buried, rescued but died of injuries



Three friends left the Zimmerman Lakes trailhead intending to ride a bowl locally known as Hot Dog. "1" traveled on a Splitboard, "2" on AT skis, and "3" on snowshoes with his snowboard on his pack.  All three carried avalanche transceivers, shovels, and probes. They were the first party in, and were navigating by compass. They reached treeline right below a slope that, ahead of time, they planned to avoid. They skirted along the edge of the trees because travel through the forest was slow.



Skier 2 was about 50 feet behind 1, and about twice that distance ahead of 3. Skier 2 called "look out" in time for 1 to turn around and see the avalanche in motion. The avalanche caught 3, and missed both 1 and 2. The time was around 12:30 pm.

The pair quickly began their beacon search. They had a successful probe strike while pinpointing, and began to dig. They found 3's feet and snowshoes first. It took several more minutes to extract 3 from the debris.

After stabilizing 3's condition, the pair wrapped him in a sleeping bag 2 was carrying. The pair moved 3 to the trees. Skier 2 then left to get help, and 1 began the slow process of sliding 3 down the skin track.  Other parties in the area assisted with the transport. Within three hours of the avalanche, 3 was airlifted to a hospital. Unfortunately, 3 never recovered, and died in the hospital days later.

From below

The debris. Ethan (red arrow) is standing at the burial location. The avalanche ran from looker's right.

The debris

Looking down the debris from partway up the avalanche. The red arrow indicates the burial location.

From the crown

Looking down the avalanche from the crown.

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