CAIC: Colorado Avalanche Information Center

2021/02/08 - Washington - Knox Creek, Salmon la Sac area, near Cle Elum Lake

Published 2021/02/09 by Ethan Greene - Forecaster, CAIC

Avalanche Details

  • Location: Knox Creek, Salmon la Sac area, near Cle Elum Lake
  • State: Washington
  • Date: 2021/02/08
  • Time: 12:00 AM (Estimated)
  • Summary Description: 2 snowbikers caught, 1 buried and killed
  • Primary Activity: Snowmobiler
  • Primary Travel Mode: Snowmobile


  • Caught: 1
  • Fully Buried: 1
  • Injured: 0
  • Killed: 1


  • Type: HS
  • Trigger: AV - Vehicle (specify vehicle type in comments)
  • Trigger (subcode): --
  • Size - Relative to Path: R3
  • Size - Destructive Force: D3
  • Sliding Surface: O - Within Old Snow


  • Slope Aspect: N
  • Site Elevation: 4400 ft
  • Slope Angle: --
  • Slope Characteristic: --

Accident Summary

Preliminary Report: Two motorized snowbike riders were caught in a very large avalanche in the mountains west of Salmon la Sac Sno-Park along Cle Elum Lake. One rider was partially buried and able to dig himself out. The other rider was fully buried and killed.

We will update this report as more information becomes available. 

For current information about this accident and avalanche conditions in the area, visit the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center.