CAIC: Colorado Avalanche Information Center BC Zone Observation Report

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 12:00 AM





  • Snowpack Obsvervation #1
    • Persistent Weak Layer: Yes
    • Comments: HS ~60cm. All faceted snow, Fist down to 4F at the bottom, in general. MF crust developing on surface with facets above.
  • Snowpack Obsvervation #2
    • Cracking: Shooting
    • Collapsing: Moderate
    • Persistent Weak Layer: Yes
    • Comments: Scoured to shallow faceted snow near ridgelines. Lower on slopes, isolated pockets of hardslab, easy to identify. 6-12" deep above faceted snow to the ground. Several old R1D1.5 slides originating from these pockets. Elsewhere the snowpack is almost entirely faceted with textured sastrugi features. One skier triggered collapse while traversing just above a slab.
  • Snowpack Obsvervation #3
    • Cracking: Shooting
    • Persistent Weak Layer: Yes
    • Comments: Widespread 4-8" hardslabs from ridgelines to far down on slopes. Some pre-existing cracks and a skier triggered crack. MF crust forming only on steep S and SW aspects >40 degrees
  • Snowpack Obsvervation #4
    • Cracking: None
    • Collapsing: None
    • Persistent Weak Layer: Yes
    • Comments: MF crusts on all slopes, even low angle. Mostly faceted snow below. No signs of instability on steep terrain.


  Date Location/Path # Elev Asp Type Trig SizeR SizeD
View  2013/01/15  †  Gothic   1   >TL   SW   HS   N   R2   D2 
View  2013/01/11  †  Gothic   1   >TL   N   HS   N   R1   D1.5 
View  2013/01/15  †  Gothic   2   >TL   E   SS   N   R1   D1 
View  2013/01/15  †  Gothic   1   >TL   SW   HS   N   R1   D1