2/8/2024 Field Report - Grand Mesa

Dylan Craaybeek , Forecaster, CAIC
Lat: 39.0367159, Lon: -107.7486343

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CAIC Notes:

An Incident report will be completed and published soon.

Area Description

Leroux Creek drainage towards Leon Peak


Caught in an avalanche

A snowmobiler was caught, carried, and fully buried in an avalanche on a northeast-facing slope in Leroux Creek on Thursday, February 8, 2024. The group discussed the High avalanche danger and decided to avoid avalanche terrain but visibility was very poor due to flat light while they were out and the individual drifted onto a slope steeper than they thought without knowing. After triggering the avalanche and being fully buried the party completed a very impressive companion rescue, largely due to two members having completed avalanche rescue training with Matt Entz, and the individual was found unconscious. A member of the group had Wilderness EMT training and cleared snow out of their airway after which they regained consciousness. The group wrapped her in a bivy bag and then lit a fire in nearby woods to warm her up. This was a very close call with a good outcome largely thanks to the heroic avalanche rescue.

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Date # Elev Asp Type Trig SizeR SizeD Problem Type
1 <TL NE SS AM/u R2 D2

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