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Ortovox has issued a recall on all S1+ avalanche beacons. More information is available here.  

Friends of CAIC launch Spring fundraising campaign.  
The Friends of the CAIC have launched their spring fundraising campaign! Please check it out here and donate now to support your avalanche center. Each donation will get you a CAIC sticker and a chance to win great prizes!

April Fundraising Events
The Friends of CAIC have two fundraising events coming up in April. Check them out and get your tickets here!

Avalanche Fatality in Alaska
On March 14, a snowmobiler was buried in an avalanche in the Alaska Range. He was rescued, medevaced, and later succumbed to his injuries. This was the seventh avalanche fatality in the US this winter, and the second in Alaska. Our condolences to the family, friends, and everyone affected by this tragic accident. 

New Blog Posts
Two essays from CAIC forecaster blase reardon on the difference in risk perception people can have, and how close calls can re-adjust that perception.

New Phone App
The Friends of the CAIC's phone app is now available on the Apple app store and iTunes. You can get the Android version of at the Google Play store.



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