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Job Opportunities

The CAIC is hiring! You can see job announcements for seasonal positions here. An addition position should be advertised later in the summer here.

Recall of Black Diamond JetForce Avalanche Airbag Backpacks

Black Diamond is recalling airbags for a firmware update to solve several problems. See this page for technical details, models affected, and return instructions.

May 2015 Avalanches 

May 2015 was a busy month for avalanches. Observers reported 258 avalanches to the CAIC. There were 10 people caught in seven separate incidents. A warm spell the last week in April formed a melt freeze crust on the snowpack surface. Snowfall during May frequently avalanched on the crust. Continued public support and submitting avalanche observations contributed to the large number of reported avalanches. We would like to thank our supporters and observers for this help.

For comparative purposes, here are May avalanches reported in the last five seasons:

May 2011: 196 reported avalanches
May 2012: 2 reported avalanches
May 2013: 150 reported avalanches
May 2014: 81 reported avalanches
May 2015: 265 reported avalanches

Summer Operations
- Statewide Avalanche Summary has general Spring and Summer Avalanche Safety information

- We will update the Field Reports pages as information comes in. Keep sending us your observations!

- Weather Model Forecasts and hourly Station Observations are available year-round.




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