Wind Slab avalanche. Winds blew from left to right. The area above the ridge has been scoured, and the snow drifted into a wind slab on the slope below.

Release Notes


  • Summer Products styling: added styling for long term summer and transitional season products. 
  • Incident filter: users can filter field reports by those flagged as incidents
  • Past forecast URLs: made it easier for users to share past forecasts by making dates and locations stored in URL. 
  • Minor UX and bug fixes
  • Next: 
    • Media gallery component
    • Accident and Incident Rebuild
    • Updated weather forecast



  • Location Awareness on Mobile: mobile device users can retrieve the forecast for current location. 
  • Updated sorting behavior on field reports table
  • Expanded tooltips coverage
  • Bug fixes for the field report observation platform (duplication issue, editing issues)
  • Minor UX improvements
  • Improvements to CAIC staff workflow



Field Reports Observation Platform:

  • New Field Report forms for both short and detailed (with avalanche coding) reports. Users can now save detailed observation drafts before submitting to CAIC.
  • Improved user control of field report visibility: Users can now hide their name, their location or their entire observation from public view.
    • Location hiding will randomly move the publicly shared location within a set distance so users can share less precise information.
    • CAIC staff will still be able to see exact locations, names, and all observations.
  • New table and map views for field reports utilizing CAIC's new data API.
    • Additional filter options for users.
    • Updated map view design and improved speed.
  • New table for backcountry avalanches.
  • New detailed view of field report observations.
    • Improved readability and accessibility across devices.
    • Includes map of observation.

UX improvements:

  • Updated mobile interface to improve navigation on smaller devices. Reduce number of scrollable elements. Allow forecast to use the more screen space.
  • Ful-page view of forecast products. 

Minor improvements and bug fixes: