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Safety Signs & Brochures

CAIC is a public safety organization whose mission includes providing avalanche information and education to help keep people safe. One of the many ways we do this is by creating resources for public use throughout the state. The following avalanche safety signs and brochures are available for free to organizations and groups. 

Avalanche Trailhead Signs and Posters
We work with local partners to install avalanche safety signage seasonally at popular trailheads across the state. The signs are placed at motorized, non-motorized, skiing, hiking, climbing, and other activity-based access points that are identified by local land managers. They include huts across the state as well. 

Trailhead safety poster
Avalanche Awareness Poster - 48x48 or 24x36
What Terrain are you Avoiding Today
Hut Poster

Avalanche Safety Brochure
Additionally, we have created avalanche safety brochures for distribution. These short handouts cover basic avalanche safety.

To receive copies of these brochures, posters, or signs, please contact us.

Beacon Checker Signs

Beacon Checker signs provide backcountry recreationists a vital safety check at trailheads and entry gates to backcountry terrain by reminding people to make sure their avalanche beacons are functioning and transmitting signals before hitting the backcountry’s potential avalanche terrain. They also promote the general use of avalanche transceivers 

CAIC cannot provide these signs for free but will provide the design file for the sign. The beacon checker itself then needs to be manufactured. There are two types of beacon checker signs, one powered by Backcountry Access electronics, and one powered by Ortovox electronics.