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Below is a list of resources and links to avalanche safety content. This is not a comprehensive list, but rather a useful starting point for educating yourself on avalanche safety.

How to Find Avalanche Training Courses

Find an Avalanche Class

There are numerous avalanche course providers in Colorado and throughout the U.S. The below links will allow you to search for course offerings in your area:


Request an Avalanche Class

Know Before You Go (KBYG) is a free avalanche awareness program. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, these courses will be offered as pre-recorded videos, or virtually. You can request a KBYG presentation here:

KBYG to Work provides proper training to help keep those working in avalanche terrain safe. Thousands of people work in and around avalanche terrain throughout the United States from mining, utility services, and road maintenance to other industrial applications. To request a KBYG to Work training contact us.

How to Use the Avalanche Forecast

The avalanche forecast is made up of several components and relies on the North American Avalanche Danger Scale to communicate avalanche hazards. The links below will take you to tutorials on these key elements.

North American Avalanche Danger Scale

NAC Introduction to North American Avalanche Danger Scale video

Avalanche Problems

There are different kinds of avalanches, and each has different considerations and associated risks. The links below will help you learn more about these avalanches as they are presented in the avalanche forecast.


Online Resources for Avalanche Education

Below is a list of avalanche awareness topics and online resources and classes. They range from short video clips to more in-depth online learning platforms.

General Avalanche Awareness:

Things to Look for in the Field (aka Red Flags)

Overview of Avalanche terrain

Throttle Decisions terrain video

Introduction to the Seasonal Snowpack

Throttle Decisions snowpack video

Avalanche Rescue

Request Avalanche Safety Signs or brochures

We have a variety of avalanche safety signs and brochures available for different locations and applications.

For the following brochures, posters, or signs please contact us:

  • Avalanche safety brochures- these are short handouts that cover basic avalanche safety.
  • Avalanche Awareness Poster – Designed for Backcountry Huts, but used for other applications.
  • Avalanche safety trailhead signs- for backcountry access locations.

There are two types of beacon checker signs, one powered by Backcountry Access electronics, and one powered by Ortovox electronics.

Forecast Centers

To find avalanche forecast centers in locations throughout the world: